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Oakland | CA
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Church Board
The Church Board is the policy-making body of the church. Headed by the pastor, the board consists of key department heads and the spiritual leadership of the church. The board meets monthly to consider financial and business matters, program proposals, and develop the master activity calendar. The board also formulates the strategic goals of the church. The major committees and departments are listed below. Leaders who serve on the board are noted by asterisk (*).
Members consist of the pastoral staff and local ordained elders. They focus on matters related to worship and the spiritual development/health of the church and congregation. All elders are board members. 

Church Clerk
This office maintains the records of the church and its members, including the membership roster, membership transfer requests, baby blessings, baptismal records, and minutes taken at board and church business meetings.

Headed by the church treasurer, the Treasury processes all funds collected at the weekly services, pays invoices, and prepares monthly financial statements for review by the Finance Committee and the Church Board. The treasurer works closely with the Finance Committee on all budget matters.